Protect your API keys and credentials. Your configuration synced with your team and across devices everywhere.
_dev-secrets ensures secure sharing of configuration and secrets management.
Our tool integrates in minutes.

Stop insecure sharing and copy paste!

Sharing your secrets over insecure tools like Slack, Google Docs or email is a significant risk. If this information is spread widely in third party accounts, you are exposed to attacks and accidents. Avoid this by using the simple _dev-secrets tool to manage your API keys, credentials and configurations safely.


Everything in one place!

You can manage development, staging, production and everything beyond all in one place. Different environments are no problem for _dev-secrets and everything is always in sync with your devices and your team.


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Easy Integrations

1. Install the package.
2. 5 lines of code.
3. Step back, relax and focus on what matters.


$ npm install evkey

import 'evkey'

# Thats it! process.evk contains the latest config

var stripe = require ('stripe')(process.evk.

Python, php and others coming soon!

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